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A disciple of Poism. A Poist is one that studies and learns from the Poist Deity.

How many Disciples of Po exist?
It is unknown, but their grows in secret. They lurk in many places. <(^_^)>
"The way of a Poist is like the wind swaying the bell of a cow that is drinking from a bubbling brook."
"The wind swaying a cow that is the brook bubbling from a bell"
by Gibz October 16, 2006
A moist after coitus penis or vagina
I was poist, searching for a towel and a way out Narnia.
by DJ diddles April 16, 2015
A myspace post so good it will make you moist.
Oh my god that was such a poist!
by Flashtobin&jbella August 25, 2006
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