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Like Jello shots, Poison fruit is a creative and delicious way to have fun with alcohol shots. The basic concept is simple: Fruit that is left in flavored vodka, coated in white sugar, then dipped again in a different flavor vodka.

Usually strawberries, pineapple or watermelon pieces are best to use because of their harder exterior and juicy interior.

What you do is take pieces of fruit, soak them in fruit-flavored vodka (The best flavors to compliment the fruit are Coconut Rum, Watermelon, Raspberry, Mango, Strawberry and Cherry flavored vodkas) for about an hour and a half. Then, take the fruit out and heavily coat them in sugar for a couple minutes. Finally, tick a toothpick in it and quickly dip the whole thing in a DIFFERENT flavored vodka to compliment the other. And voila!! Poison fruit!
"Man did you try that poison fruit at jason's party?"
"Hell yea raspberries with watermelon and coconut vodka, they were good! It snuck up on me later!
by partyevenharder May 14, 2011

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