sumin 2 say wen u aint got nufin 2 say
'poggy' is my example
by Amzzie December 09, 2004
Top Definition
A mute alcoholic concerned excessively or exclusively with oneself : seeking or concentrating on one's own advantage, pleasure, or well-being without regard for others

rooted in North Yorkshire
I saw him the other day he has turned into a right poggy
#alcoholic #waster #pisshead #wreckhead #selfish
by lee tyler March 18, 2009
Close companion or friend
Term of endearment
May be shortened to pogs or pogsels at your own discretion
Listen poggies, what are we gonna do about my ex.....
by RR January 27, 2005
Used in the north of England meaning a muddy area.
Don't walk over there in your new shoes it's poggy!
#pog #muddy #mud #dirt #soil
by Emma Firefly January 11, 2010
A person bearing a resemblance to a well-known personage; a second-rate stand-in or lookalike.
Poggy Blair, Senator Poggy Norris, Matt the Pog
#fake #copy #lookalike #stand-in #thinspiration
by alexandredumont October 09, 2007
a secret code word for skunk weed or a spliff of skunk weed, originates from leicester in the UK

spreading around the world by exponents of Leicester

also used as a validation that a weed is good quality or strong
"you got any poggy ?"

"can you ger me any poggy?"

"wrap a poggy boh!"

"that weeds Poggy ( that weed is good )
#skunk #weed #spliff #ganja #poggy
by yadaddytdon January 07, 2009
The root of all evil; also know as "antichritst" or "satan."
"If you don't behave, Poggy will come and eat you!"
#poggy #antichrist #evil #satan #death
by DaSobo November 20, 2007
A conbination of a pig and a frog.
put a pig with a frog and what do you get? POGGY
#pig #frog #tog #bog #log
by poggylover February 25, 2006
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