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A form of writing that expresses yourself. Well, sort of. Heres an example:
Roses are red, bracelets are gold, get down on your knees and do what your told.
by Matthew Luzon May 21, 2004
28 36
Without music, poorly written poetry is just rythmic bitching
i wrote this poetry because George bush is a dick
...thats not poetry, thats just rhythmic bitching

g w bush sucks
by PerfectBalance January 22, 2005
18 28
Throwing dull emotions on scrap paper, pretending you want no one to read it, then posting it on myspace.
Myspace blogs, any and all poetry with thee words "depression", "Pit", "shadows", or "tears".
by StrangeReality December 22, 2006
14 26
a failed attempt to put a bunch of exceptions to the rules together. sounds way better when you can rhyme while writing poetry, but teachers these days don't seem to stress rhyming because it hurts to think to much.
I wrote poems on top of poems in 7th grade
Poetry, i can't stand it
i'd rather have a big fat zit
by Gasper November 07, 2006
9 22
a word used to describe deep rhymes, written or free
yo, that was some crazy poetry you jus spit
by da madd scientist October 01, 2003
3 22
The art of unlocking one’s most restrained and repressed emotions before manipulating them for aesthetic purposes in a feeble, half-ass attempt, to get into some college freshman’s panties.
Verbal Ejaculation

Poetry is such bullshit,
Nothing truly profound could ever be put on paper.
Self-awareness? Who needs it!
All I ever do is end up crying anyway.
It's like the dehydration of an emotional masochist;
Invisible pain, evaporating joy.
Someone oughta build a dam on my stream of consciousness,
But where then would all the fish go to spawn?
Why does Jesus ask for so much faith?
Where is Allah’s justice?
Yahweh hasn’t written a book in two millennia.
There’s too much order in the chaos.
My eyesight is failing; I fear I may soon go blind.
Not that there’s much worth seeing anyway.

by nethcev! September 10, 2006
10 32
*rambles on about 'the system' and Shakespear*

best delivered in a well spoken, giggling voice.
Beans beans, good for your heart;

Beans beans, make you fart.

the more you fart, the better you feel;

so let's have beans for every meal!

----------------Part Deux

Beans beans, good for your heart;

Beans beans, make you fart.

the more you fart, the more you eat;

the more you sit on the toilet seat
by Gumba Gumba April 07, 2004
6 30