A form of literature. There is no sharp distinction between poetry and prose, but poetry is generally thought of as placing more emphasis on sound and rhythm. It is also generally more acceptable to defy conventional rules of grammar in poetry than in prose.

Poems can be written in many standard forms such as iambic pentameter or haiku. Poems can also be written without adhering to any standard form. This is called free verse.
Good hip-hop is some of the livest poetry around today.
by zachwolff October 16, 2003
Poetry is basically "playing" with language. There are many ways to use poetry. Speak your emotions, teach something, etc.
"I'm cleaning out my closet" - Eminem
by Jay-Vee October 23, 2003
poetry is a form of writing used to express someone's feelings/opinions/a moment. it can rhyme and it can NOT rhyme. also, there is freeverse, where there is no rhyming scheme and no set numbers of lines in a verse.

for more info read other definitions
Your poetry rocks my socks.
by DeadlyDandelion July 29, 2004
A form of art that places emphasis on words and language. In ancient times, poetry was memorised and carried by word of mouth. Today, most poems are written.

*Avoid any cliché, be original, or it will become boring and be regarded as poor.*

Poems may rhyme or not rhyme; there are so many ways to go with poetry... provided that the writer avoids any cliché, rambling, and doesn't state the subject of the poem directly.
Some of moi's personal poetry:


An leabhar seo. Th’ann duilleagan (This book. There’s pages)
A dhìth. Stàdaidh guth, tòisichidh guth eile... (Missing. A voice will stop, another voice begins...) Tha ‘n cùl cho mòr! A’ dol air ais cho fada... (The back is so big! Going back so far...)
Is th’ann duilleagan reubta... (And there’s ripped pages...)

Amhaircibh na cànanan...! (Behold the languages...!)
Chan eil mi gan n-aideachadh. Th’iad cho gallda! (I’m not recognizing them. They’re so foreign!)
Cò bha iad gun do sgrìobh seo? Tha duilleagan (Who were they that wrote this? Pages are)
Traiste. Dè bha iad ag ràdh...? (Crumpled. What were they saying...?)

Chan eil ‘n cùl càil coimeasta (The back is nothing compared)
Ri mar a tha na duilleagan ri teachd mar... (To what the pages to come are like...)
Mòran meud nas motha na ‘n cùl, gu dearbh! (Many sizes greater than the back, of course!)
Th’iad dol gu bràgh! Th’iad falamh! (They’re going on forever! They’re empty!)

Th’iad nuadh! Th’ann faclan sgìobhadh (They’re new! There’s words writing)
Leòtha fhèin! Èirichidh duilleag nuadh bho càil! (By themselves! A new page rises from nothing!)
Dè bha reubta bho ‘n leabhar seo? Agus dè (What was torn from this book? And what)
Bhios sgrìobhta ‘san àm ri teachd...? (Will be written in the time to come...?)
by Lorelili March 21, 2005
Poetry is useful when you go wooing
Poetry is useful when you go wooing,
Take care lads she might know what you're doing
by CriostoirHulme August 06, 2005
expression of the soul, 3 or more words that cleanse the mind of current thoughts.
broken with thoughts of 'him', she sat writing poetry.
by chloe November 25, 2003
its basicly a deeper way to express feelings, emotions or just whatever thought that pops in ur head. it doesnt necessarily requires rhymes, although it certainly implies some sort of rhythm to separate it from prose. and it also doesnt have to be clear, as long as meaningful somehow.
"time is the father of existence
rhyme is the brother of the word
words that define the world
worlds that refine my words"
serj tankian.
by serj is my god October 24, 2003
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