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A nasty and very effective smack upside the head. Afrikaans Origin and derived from Poes (vagina) Klap (smack)
Barry needs a PoesKlap
by The Pant May 24, 2006
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To administer a hard open-handed slap, usually to the face of a an unfortunate and irritating pest, such as a younger sibling or co-worker
I gave that guy such a poesklap, he saw into next week!
by Snappie August 07, 2008
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Afrikaans in origin - poes (vagina) and klap (slap). Pronounced "poosklup" with long "oo". Rhymes with goosecup if that was actually a word. It is the type of slap administered to a recipients head in such a way that their eyes bug out, their sphincters let go and their descendants end up sporting black eyes and stunted mental development.
I gave that SJW such a poesklap she gave birth to pooptuplets.
by The L-Shaped Tetris Block April 03, 2017
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