Pretty much the best rowing team in the Northwest. No other rowing club beasts as much as Pocock does at regattas. Domination is Pocock's middle name. If you haven't heard of Pocock, then theres something wrong with you. Pocock went to Nationals this past year and got 1st in the varsity mens quad, and 2nd in the varsity girls quad. So if you haven't heard of Pocock, then you have now!
Have you heard of Pocock? They're beasts!!
by Pocock rower September 26, 2009
Top Definition
The condition of being bigoted, owing to latent homosexuality, anti-social personality disorder, childhood experience with a bikie named Bubba, or any combination or these.
The man who came into the store was such a pocock, he kept giving my homosexual colleague dirty looks and muttered something bigoted under his breath.
by HarryTanzarian September 24, 2012
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