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alternative term for niggers, used as an insult
"Shut up you dirty pockey!"
by racewarnow August 02, 2014
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An extremely derogatory, racial slur used to describe all people who are not considered white. The term comes from the abbreviation of "person of color", or PoC.
person 1: "That damn pockey stole my bike!"
person 2: "Wow, you are super racist."
by some_anon August 02, 2014
Black person. Derives from the politically correct term 'person of color' or, more specifically, 'poc'.
Hey nigg-, I mean, pockey! Pick that shit up before I whip your ass!

Good boy, and by the way, give your she-pockey a punch in the gut for me, I didn't pull out in time.
by notarealaccount August 02, 2014

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