A vile sexual act along the same lines as the recently popularized blumpkin or dirty sanchez, but with an added degree of bastardized imperialist vulgarity. Basically it involves having a girl kneel face down, ass in the air, and ramming a corn cob up her pooper while shitting in her hair. Try to count all the different levels on which this is wrong and you're in for a long night of soul-searching.
"Yeah, she liked to get freaky... she was into cleveland steamers, but after a six-pack and some airplane glue, she was face-down on some rubber sheets getting a pocahontas on camera!"
by ODF November 20, 2005
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A Beautiful Native American Girl That Has Long Dark Hair, Beautiful Eyes,
Gorgeous Skin. Near Perfection.
A Goddess.
by LALA March 24, 2004
A sexual move that occurs when a woman in menstruating. While doing the woman from behind, the man sticks two fingers into her vagina and smears the blood across her cheeks like indian war paint. Similar to "The Sitting Bull."
Did you know that Sarah was on the rag? Hell yeah! I pulled the Pocahontas on that bitch! Nice!
by Big Big Salaam October 04, 2011
sexy NATIVE AMERICAN female wit thik dark hair dark brown pretty eyes and sunkissed skin, not blak asian hispanic NATIVE AMERICAN
john: "Look at that sexy Pocahontas"

levi: "Yea,she's native american,not black or no other shit."
by Aundrianna July 11, 2008
a female who chops off testicles and gathers them like nuts and berry's
watch your back tonight i heard there is a pocahontas on the loose
by ak-89 November 02, 2009
An "exotic" looking little girl who is in love with Curious George, but courts Ralphael and keeps Malcolm on the side, just in case. She apparently cannot afford electricity because her mascara is never applied fully and just abruptly ends. She loves to wear deer-skin inspired pants with fringe and beads hanging from them. She will do whatever she can to succeed. This person should be avoided at all costs.
George lightly kissed Pocahontas before he poked her good.
by Rosie's Dad April 21, 2005
A nickname given to Black American females who have high traces of mixed heritage (Usually of both Native American and European), via her long - but still soft - hair, light and fair skin complextion, other phenotypes that differentiate her from other generic black girls.

Generic black girls will approach them and give them compliments, tell them how they wished they had long hair like theirs, comb their hair... Behind their backs, most black girls are really envious of such girls.

At first glance, people will automatically assume that these girls are half black and half something else. Though they are of high mixed heritage, girls nicknamed Pocahontas most likely classify themselves as black/african american.
I'm black, but my mom has Cherokee heritage and my dad Irish, so I don't have generic black phenotypes. I have been dubbed "Pocahontas" by a lot of people, and thus, I have been adored and rediculed at the same time.
by gunslingergirlvy_c_e March 01, 2008
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