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Po1kD (pronounced P-OH-ONE-KAY-DEE)
acronym for "Poon of 1000 Deaths"
1. When a female turns a male from straight to homosexual, simply through dating and/or having intimate relations with him.
rule 1- If any of the males remain straight after the "Po1kD" experience, they will inevitably marry the next woman they date.
1. Man Speaking With a Newly Developed "gay" lisp:
"If it hadn't been for Po1kD, I'd never have met Joey".

Woman Speaking to Po1kD:
"Bitch, if you keep sendin' all them hot boys to the other side of the fence, I'm gonna cut you!"

rule 1 -
Straight Man Speaking:
"She was a good jumping off place for me to start dating other people, it just ended up that my next girlfriend was perfect marriage material".

"His last girlfriend? He was Po1KD'ed, that's how I got him".
by Po1kD April 02, 2008
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