A person who's attitude and agression will P-O some people shortly after meeting him. A P-O is usually a large domineering man, but has the mental age of a 15 yr old, full of pointless aggression bottle in an oversized adults body
Per came into the room, red in the face screaming at a worker about something gonme wrong, other turn toeach other and say what is PO babbling about now?
by Wonker December 02, 2003
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Derogitory for vagina, or someone who acts like a cunt.
Pass the spliff you fucking poes!
Jesus that cunteater is a slippery poes!
Dont be a poes.
by Mike May 02, 2003
Shortened version of poor, usually reserved to describe someone of extreme poverty.
He's so po he couldn't afford the other half of the word.
by The General April 02, 2004
Origin: Afrikaans slang term for woman's vagina; can be used very effectively when slagging anyone off
He is such a hairy poes
by JP January 21, 2005
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