Panties Not Possible

In a situation when you observe a woman who is wearing jeans that are noticeably tight and low, eliminating any possibility for panties to be present (for the simple lack of space).
Dude, I was in the club checkin this hottie with some pnp, I practically saw her badge, it was unreal!
by hellyea September 25, 2005
Pathetic and Predictable
what happens to the scene when the other PnP gets out of control
by TopBanana August 25, 2007
A pink nipple party (or PNP) is a party or any social event attended by mostly white people.
Dude, that Marina party was totally PNP!
by Houman June 12, 2006
Poo and Pee, or Pee and Poo. Definition is dynamically generated depending on which comes out first. Can be used while chatting and a bathroom break is needed.
Hold that thought for a moment. I need to PNP. BRB!
by arnab July 27, 2005
Pen And Paper. A nerd acryonym.
Hey, after we get done playing Everquest let's bust out some PNP.
by Despondent February 10, 2006
Commonly used in the gay community as an abbreviation for "pot 'n' poppers", or the practice of smoking pot or using poppers before or during sexual play. This is an abbreviation commonly seen in personal ads.
He asked if I was into PNP before I met him, so I knew what to expect.
by startrbear June 18, 2006

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