A flat ass, having no curves.
Christinas got a plywood ass.
by Chris November 18, 2004
Top Definition
A method of drawing covert attention to girls, rather than saying I would!
Can also be used as a method of rating.
1. Plywood!

2. 3 ply! (Plywood at 3 o'clock)

3. Have you been to the plywood shop today?
by TJ Hookah April 12, 2011
When a guy doesn't lift and his shoulders and back are straight like a piece of plywood.
Woah Tanner! You are like the Anti-Bane! You have no traps! You look like you're hiding a sheet of plywood under your shirt!
by ScootsBOOTSboogie May 24, 2014
When you mistake superglue for lube. Making your woody ply to the womans vagina. The only way to solve this is to rip it out and cause the vagina to bleed perfusley.
Man, i totaly pulled a plywood last night with jen.. she was fucking pissed!
by Cubby, and Peter October 22, 2006
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