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the pigmentation of plums... you know its true
Samm.m: "that plum is soooo plurple"
Miss.Chloe: "hells yeh, i want one"
by Sparklemetropolis April 04, 2009
to perform a minor typo on an emoticon, resulting in the wrong emoticon or a non-rendering of the emoticon
Haha ::)

Whoops, I plurpled. That should be :)
by Salary Age Ninja August 18, 2010
Common favorite color of ravers, particularly Kandi Kids.
What's your favorite color?
~~PLURple, weeeeee!~~
by the_tleilax April 07, 2011
Plurple is just a funny way of saying hi to someone.
"Plurple!!" she greeted with delight.
by Spikey9782498235 January 17, 2012
Its a more beautiful brighter purple!
purple with a hint of baby pink
by Barbara Berry July 20, 2005