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verb~ slang. The act of masturbating then holding down the foreskin and running to the toilet. Used by tidy males* that neither wish to blow in their boxers, have to wipe up wasting tissue or sacrifice a condom, known as a Posh Wank. The foreskin is folded down over the head of the penis and held in place with the index finger. Then at their leisure the man may run** to the toilet and urinate their baby batter away.

*Only works if you have a foreskin.

**You don't necessarily have to run. One could just have a merry wander and have a tipple of drink or a biscuit on the way. It is also easily disguised as most males will often wander about with their hands down their pants.

-First recorded use by Si Hands circa 2005
Aw crap I'm outta tissues I'm gonna have to Plug 'n Run!

Are you actually itching your balls or have I just caught you in the middle of a Sneaky Plug 'n' Run?!?!?
by Funi October 15, 2008
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