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An unfortunate animal. This poor creature appears to be the result of some very peculiar genetic affiliations between an eccentric plattypus, hell bent on assimilating every other species and it's third victim, the donkey. The plight of the donkey as a species is now assured. The plattypus became a demented sexual fiend when it was spawned after the "original" beaver raped a duck.
"Shit what the shit is that humping your leg dude?"
"holy fucking jesusonapopcicle, thats a fuckin Plonkey"
"Your mama was a plonkiphile, you demented freak"
"That fucking beaver"
by sufhlke December 21, 2006
A term describing the backfire of excrement that is released when a donkey punch is delivered.
Craig got plonkey all over his dick when he donkey punched Dave too hard.
by Deass November 07, 2014

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