A enlarged clitoris (clit is slang for clitoris) that resembles a small penis. A lot of women body builders have a Plit.
"Dude! did you see that chick rockin' that fatty plit at the gym ?"
by GnarlyMilk* April 15, 2010
Top Definition
Slang for the word "Nothing" or "Gone"
"My bank account is plit"
"There ain't plit about you in my records"
by dj.TMcR March 20, 2006
Basically, the entire Mario Universe. Isle Dlefino, Rougeport, Donut Plains, World 1-3,The castles plumbing system(original Mario Bros.) ALL of them.
Mario and Luigi lives in Plit.
by Luigifan12 January 13, 2005
A very small amount of marijuana that is smoked or consumed, such as a roach.
Mike smoked a plit and acted high.
by NaMGeN October 07, 2007

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