The best game on the price is right!
Larry won $11,500 on plinko yesterday!
by rapsux February 15, 2005
Top Definition
America's number one pricing game on The Price is Right. Involves dropping a round chip down the side of a board with pegs, much like Pachinko.
Let's play America's favorite pricing game, Plinko!
by Justin Whirledge December 09, 2003
To back into a parked car
Shane plinko'd that Camaro like a dumbass.
by CATFASP January 27, 2011
Long shorts or short trousers worn mostly by men with legs like golf clubs ar fat women-suited only to beachwear, but worn anywhere-even in pouring rain. Named after the game of the same name on The Price is Right when hosted by Joe Pasquale, with a chap dressed as a cod china man.
Look at the state of that skinny eejit, imagine wearing plinkos to a supermarket!
by Gomble August 14, 2009

plinko(ed), plinko(ing)

1. When an item, usually dropped by mistake, takes an unusual amount of bounces or an unusually long roll.
"I watched my last casino chip plinko down the steps and through a crack in the boardwalk."
by billebllunt May 12, 2014
any event in a shooting game (usually an FPS) where grenades are thrown. reffering to the *plink plink* sound the grenades make upon contact with solid objects.
player1: damn, he's holed up in the base with an MG!
player2: hahaha come in and get me!!
player1: *throws in a grenade* aaaaand we're playin' Plinko!!
player2: awww shit..
by Sgt. Token June 03, 2007
1. CommonA pricing game featured on the game show The Price Is Right

2. Right Cold Hard Cash, often acquired in an unsavory manner.

1. To hustle, to slink
I sell my body for plinko.

I slinked some straight plinko at the pool hall.

I plinkoed at the pool hall.
by TRON McKNIGHT November 08, 2007
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