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Pler is a divine creature, a spirit that lives among us people, and its majesty is unique. U cannot see pler unless it decides to appear in front of u. If u want to achieve that then u have to be a major pothead and own a medium sized bong. As soon as pler decides to chill with u then it will appear again from time to time, to smoke a blunt with u, kick a bong, or sler de pler. Pler can be also known as plethrankoudi, plerisimo portokali tou kabou, ageladin trag and klepeti klop klepeti klip. Pler can also state a definition of the world cool. for instance it is better using pler from cool.
1) Pler is in the room, i can sence it.
2)Hey man, i boinked your mom last nite. and the other guy replies
Oh, dont worry its pler.
by panaba the master trag January 18, 2005