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1.Expression used by one who must take a job(s) in customer service/waiting tables/collections/dog walking/lab experiments/telemarketing/cleaning services in order to pay one's bills.

2. Expression used by those who feel overqualified and outraged by their self-perceived low status, low income job. Especially since they have college degrees, usually from liberal arts schools.

Related: "To plebe it."
"plebe moment"
"plebe opportunity"

1. "Damn it, every morning I wake up totally feeling like that 'time to make the donuts guy,''cause ever since my husband walked out on me and the kids, I've just been plebing it to keep a roof over our heads!"

2. "But Dad, your fascist attitude regarding my staying at this firm a moment longer thoroughly shows that you have no idea how much I'm plebing it! This Orwellian nightmare seems to never end! Please, can't you send me back to grad school?"
by Zelda Know-Itall July 30, 2005
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