One of the biggest piles of shit to come from the sony couporation this mellenium, they last about 6 months then loads only PS2 games and takes about half houer to play as any geek that knows the ps2 like the back of his hand that its made with grade a 100% Grade A crap

i would strongly recommend an XBOX!
Person: could you possably fix my playstation 2 for me

Engeneer: Fuck no!
by husskymo December 07, 2004
justa bout everybody who placed a definition on here is a fuckin game nerd who will never get laid.
fuck u game nerds!!!
by SID VICIOUS July 29, 2004
An over-rated game system, with processors possibly equal to the first playstation, and lesser graphics to gamecube and X-Box. It also has a small number of exclusive hit titles. Sorry, but theres no lies there.
PS2 is inferior.
by Cameron July 30, 2003
Stupid piece of over-rated crap. Also lacking in high speed gaming capabilities.
Dude, don't buy that PS2! Why buy a piece of crap that doesn't have a large hard drive, and only has 2 or 3 crappy on-line games.
by Tigerlily June 25, 2003
A stupid weakass pathetic excuse for a console that only sold well because Sony lied through their asses about it and it lives off the popularity of the PS (which was sh|t anyway).
Overhyped, crap, weak, shit, TOO DAMN EXPENSIVE console designed to break easily on purpose. A lighweight console that doesnt deserve Sonic on it (even though Heroes was copmplete and utter sh |t).
Lives on GTA and Final Fantasy (which is basic), breaks all the damn time, sh|tty loading times, badly designed (Disk read rate is more than the console can handle) cheap controllers thats too unresponsive, green DVD playback, costs £50 more than Gamecube!!! Weakest, sony lie about specs...DC can outperform it
by Blood Angel June 05, 2004
Besides the Final Fantasy Series (which is steadily becoming more butchered), there are no other games worth buying. The rest are on PC or X-box.
Why buy an overrated piece of crap, when you can get an X-box with its built in hard drive, ability to DL/play music and movies and Halo for a much cheaper price? Face it guys, X-box is better.
by Luka October 28, 2004
the most overrated and unoriginal gaming console ever made.
Idiot: Dude, Nintendo is for kids, man. I'm gonna go play my playstation 2.

Me: Okay, I'm enjoying Super Smash Bros.
by Church_Of_Nintendo March 14, 2007

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