The greatest system of all time, hands down. Even coming a year before XBox it is still superior because it has good games with actual gameplay instead of graphics. And if you want a game with good graphics check out Gran Turismo 4 so you can stop complaining like a little bitch. Those who have XBox try to recruit stupid morons into getting such a waist of money so they don't feel bad. For every good game XBox has Playstion has about 200 good ones. Those who are true gamers own a Playstation or a Nintendo. Those who own an XBox are wannabe gamers and will never be a real one.
Hey look that guy has an XBox, lets rape him in a dark alley with a lead pipe until he screams with blood dripping down his ass and mouth because he screamed so much. There's a guy with a Playstation 2. Now that's a guy with real taste. I'll give him a million dollars. Hell I'll give him everything I own because it is such a perfect system.
by Solid Snake March 03, 2005
Top Definition
What many people like me spend their days on. They're quite played out now, but 100% of people who have the love them.
PS2 is short for Playstation 2.
Wolfy: "I'm pissed off, so let's all go on the Playstation 2 where I can drive out all this pissedness talking to it."
by Wolfy. W July 05, 2006
A decent console that is stupidly mocked and ridiculed by Xbox and Gamecube fanboys.
The Ps2 is pretty good.
by Ed April 05, 2005
The Best selling system of all time, with over 100 million units sold. Whenever you see a Xbox or nintendo fanboy bashing it, remind them it has sold FIVE TIMES MORE THAN THE XBOX OR GAMECUBE (they each have only sold about 20 million each, how sad for such "superior systems" as the fanboys keep calling them.
Numbers do not lie... Get a Playstation2.
by A Gorilla August 02, 2006
One of the best and versatile consoles yet. Includes DVD, Mp3, CD, DVD/game and DVDR players inside. Upgradeable and internet gaming is free outside of initial cost. Better than the X box and was one of the greatest ideas for a conole ever concieved.
Hey, got a Playstation 2?
No, I suck. I have an x box.
Play mine.
Wow, that is way better than the crap box i own.
by Yojoe! May 12, 2004
An excellent system that losers bash because they think that photo realistic graphics make a console good.
Games that have good graphics but lack everything aren't on Playstation 2.
by ...hellno November 07, 2003
The best system out there. the only people who bitch about it are who were stupid enough to believe the hype that Bill Gates put out there. People can say that it breaks easily or it has poor graphics(it has neva broken for me, and the graphics aren't that different), but the fact of the matter is, Sony is still dominating the industry. All developers come to Sony first and the rejects go to Nintendo and then to Microsoft. Playstation2 is the succesor to PSONE, the only game system in its time, so whoever hates it only does coz they were too cheap to buy it and missed the fun.
PS2 and Xbox are about the same price retard!!
by Rap-Tito July 20, 2005
One reason no one ever goes to arcades anymore.
Thanks to the PlayStation2, I'm out of people to challenge to a game of Daytona USA, Initial D, or Hydro Thunder. All people do now is play stupid shit like GTA 3 in which they wank off to poorly rendered strippers.
by dj gs68 October 29, 2003
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