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What's a playstation pornable you ask, well its pretty damn easy to figure out, It's a PSP filled with porn. Many people might have this in fact and not know the actually know what to call it but here it is: the Playstation pornable. I imagine those that have it have large memory card for porn, and an average size card just play games (if they play games when they aren't fapping to images of playboy girls or watching their favorite Girls Gone Wild videos) so noone will suspect of using their PSP of holding porn. This is also great for those who have 500 gb HDD full of porn, but like to have their porn to be portable which coincidentally is where pornable comes from: portable porn.
Little brother: "hey bro can i borrow your PSP to play Sonic?" Bigbrother : "Sure lil'bro" *hands him psp* *little brother turns on psp Little brother : "Oh my why are there naked ladies on here , and what is she doing to that other naked lady?" 0.0 Big Brother: -Oh Shit i gave him my playstation pornable memory card instead of giving him the gaming one- "ugh lil'bro just hand the the PSP to me and I'll buy you your own PSP if we keep this our own little secret" Little brother: "OK, will mine have naked ladies too?" Big Brother: "Hell no"
by Danfire0 August 17, 2009
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