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(noun) (puh-lay-stay-shun naht-work)

The loving term given to Playstation Network after the recent outages on Sony's online gaming platform.
Hey do you wanna play Portal 2 tonight? Oh wait, we can't do it on the Playstation Notwork.
by TheXDriver April 25, 2011
A period of time in 2011 when the PSN got hacked and for lack of better terms, "didn't work".
This event is the closest we have had to an apocalypse; nerds raged for weeks on end, some switched to xbox...and in extreme cases, some hung themselves in their basement. But some got lives and actually got out of the house.
"Playstation network? Nah man it's more like Playstation Notwork."
by THSxXxOakleyxXx May 20, 2011
What ones would call the Playstation network these past few weeks.
I woke up hoping to hop on PSN and blast some niggas in Battlefield, but it turns out i was still logged in to the Playstation Notwork.
by dee.signs May 13, 2011
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