A home gameing console put out by Sony. Presents a medicore game library which consists of overhyped shortlived games, usually with no multiplayer and poor graphics.
Playstation 2 is Inferrior to the Microcosoft XBOX and Nintendo Gamecube in every way.
by Jarrod May 17, 2005
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A gaming console manufactured by Sony. It has the most marketshare and in general has the most games avalable that will appeal to the widest audience.

The alternatives to the PS2 offer more specialized games. For example, the Gamecube has excillent first party support and has some of the most outstanding average of games and graphics on the market, and a ton of shitty ports of other games. The Xbox on the other hand is for people who prefer graphics over any actual gameplay.
I just got Amplitude for PS2! Damn that game rocks!
by AlexMax March 11, 2003
Second iteration of an award winning console which astounded the gaming industry by stealing a huge percentage of the Console Market share, contributing to Sega's departure from the hardware business. Playstation 2 was the first of the second generation consoles, touting unheard of graphical performance and DVD-readability when it debuted in 1999.
I would totally buy a Playstation two if it could play the Legend of Zelda.
by sarukun March 08, 2003
Playstation 2 (PS2) is the reason why so many guys are dumped by their girlfriends/wives and become single.

But mixed with a lethal dose of MADDEN is can become addictive and even deadly.
GF: Honey you haven't worked in days! We don't have any grocerys. I think Tommy has Rickets, please put down the Playstation 2 (PS2)..

BF: Hold on a sec, honey for a record second time The Bucs will win the Super BOWL!!!
by christopher ess October 15, 2005
Currently, still selling more than the X-Box. Not like thats an achievement. I earnt more than MicroWeenie did in the first quarter by selling electric blankets in Texas
Playstation 2 is leading the console market, and is indicative of Sonys commitment to the demands of an ever changing market.
by Teh Win March 31, 2003
What casual gamers play when they're not watching Dragonball Z or Pokemon
I had to choose between watching Pokemon: Pikachu's Happy Adventures or playing The Bouncer on my PS2
by PC gaming OWNZ YOO!!!!! February 18, 2003
Another shitty byproduct of pop culture. The games have only a lasting value of one week.
Most folks who buy a PS2 are only looking for the next big thing.
by Roberto Lamberto February 18, 2003
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