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Code talk for sex, usually said to avoid attention from parents, teachers, etc.
This weekend, I'll be playing horseshoes with her.
#sexual #intercourse #sex #fuck #pussy
by Carlos Muthafuckin' Santana November 28, 2010
When a man and a woman are having sex in a bed and the man lays on his back, his penis erect, and the woman jumps into the air off the mattress and tries to aim her self in such a way that her vagina lands over the man's penis (his penis entering her vagina) leaving him unharmed. It is like the game of horse shoes because you have to try to land an object (the vagina) around a pole (the penis).
Dude Mary tried to "play horseshoes" on me last night. I think I broke my dick.
Playing horse shoes hurts man. It's nothing like the yard game.
#for her pleasure only #ouch #horse shoes #not fun #not a game
by Iwannagohome! December 13, 2014
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