When a girl makes you think she likes you and it turns out she was just looking for someone to flirt with.
David: Damn dude, I can't believe you broke up with your girlfriend because you thought Tina liked you
Prayuj: Yeah man she played me like a piano
by hehenopeididntdoit May 24, 2011
Top Definition
when a guy makes you think he loves you, fucks you, and then doesnt talk to you.
"fuck me...i got so played"
by beck June 08, 2004
when a girl uses you and makes you give her money then tosses you to the curb and laughs you got played
she played me and used me as her plaything for her own personal enjoyment then threw me to the curb when she tired of me.
by soni3s August 24, 2007
Defeated, shown up, out-done or taken advantage of.
"You bought that Civic for $90 000?!?!? Man yo' got played hardcore."
by Diego August 31, 2003
When a female dates you and makes you fall for her, then leaves you the second she likes someone else.
Guy: why do you want to break up?
Girl:because i met someone else.

Guys friend: she played you bro.
by therealsilentguy August 01, 2011
Outdated, obsolete, overused. Often refers to an idiom or colloquialism.

See played out, beat.
The expression all that is played.

Jerry: Helloooooooo!
Kramer: Jerry, that's played.
by Smoove B February 17, 2005
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