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as you've heard from Outkast's southerplayalisticcadiallacmuzik, they have coined the term playas ball, or players ball. Used mostly in the southern states.
Used to describe a get together of players breaking off a peice of indo and drinking some champagne, or hey, even a 40 oz and just kicking back, listening to some tunes, with a girl on your lap. This is a players ball. Note: a players ball, is usually described as a a nice room or place, there is nohing ghetto about this, very classy,for high maintenance players/playas usually has a pool table, nice stereo, bar,chandeliers in the livnig room, jacuzzi in the back and several rooms for a little love time. :)
andre: what are you doing tonight?

marquise: man, weg oin to the playas ball bring a cutie or two.

andre: sooo-weeee!

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