A pretty boring city, but it has its ranges from rich to poor...a very diverse city, many hispanics/latinos within the area, this city consist of 3 parts West, Central, East.
The West side of Plano is the most boring place any human being could ever see...basically deserted beacause no one leaves their 2 story houses...it consist of basically White, Asian, and Indian. Center is just slightly less than what the West would be, but still boring,and some the latino/hispanic culture is added to the scene. The East would be known to be called Play No Games, TX it's considered "poor" "ghetto" "rugged" most of this about the East side of Plano is true it also consists of some slight poverty, this area is known to have gangs such as the notorius gang ESL X3 and ESH X3, this area also has Crips, Bloods, and Brownpride. Within the schools of the Eastside the majority of students are Latino/Hispanic there are also Whites, Blacks, and Asian but they mostly live in another city known as Richardson. Which makes East Plano belong to the brown peoeple. Also this area of Plano is LOADED with SO much drugs...even the last person you'd expect from this area have smoked a blunt here and there.
EX 1:Say homie, Lets go get some dro from Plano, TX...

Aight Mayne, Let's Go.

EX 2:She's such a snob

I bet she's from the West
by vdfgvbajeskvndk May 22, 2007
Top Definition
A United Nations town. Originally mostly farm land back in the 80s, but as the Telecommunications Corridor developed in the 90s in Richardson (just South of Plano) the area rapidly developed. Most people here work for telecommunications companies. Lifestlyes range from the slums in the far East side to the mega mansions in the West. There are random horse and cattle farms here and there, especially in the Eastern part. Due to the influx of international corporation headquarters to the area, there is also a large amount of international residents. At the local college you can find people from South America, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. More recently there is an increase in Chinese to the area, resulting in many Asian establishments, such as the popularity of Boba Tea. The area is notorious for drugs and gangs, but I managed to get through public school with no interaction with either, so neither are inevitable. Excellent program at Plano East Senior High for students with special needs. Peaceful place overall with good malls, international restaurants of every kind, bike paths, parks, and a growing downtown community. Also attached to the Dallas Metro system (DART).
In Plano, TX, my teacher had to ask half of the students how to pronounce their names because they were foreign.
by MarineFreak37 October 17, 2007
Among one of the best suburb cities in all of Texas. It's near Dallas, and it ROCKS. 30% of the people here have bad personalities but, hint hint, they aren't from around here.
Person 1: Here's a joke, why is Plano called Plano?

Person 2: It's just a Plain Ol' town!

*Person 1 & 2 laugh*
by SilusW April 06, 2005
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