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A badass Classic Rock radio station that can only be found on digital radio, Sky and the internet.
Has presenters such as Alice Cooper, Rick Wakeman and Guy Pratt.
Guy 1: Uhhh...I'm so fed-up of all these radio stations that play the same thing as all the other radio stations.

Guy 2: You should listen to Planet Rock.

Guy 1 : What? The song?

Guy 2: No. The badass Classic Rock radio station.
#pink floyd #ac/dc #radio #classic rock #awesome #famous
by MusicManic September 29, 2009
A nice ass song
I really like that song.

Which one?

You know Rock, Rock, Planet Rock
#rock #planet #plant #song #rck #plnet #plnt
by Yosoypopichulodelanoche June 11, 2009
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