Just give 'er.
To go all out, give 150%
"What are we doing this weekend?"
"Goin to Plan B!"
by Jon T November 03, 2005

a plan.
"Oh s***! I just broke this s***! Time to go with plan B."

by mastajizz April 13, 2009
1. A back-up plan.
2. The guy you go to when your boyfriend dumps you to make him jealous.
Girl: "Now that you are that ass are over who's your plan B?"
by lovelylac January 24, 2008
When one is aggravated by a female counterpart, for example a girlfriend, and decides to, "Fucking knock the bitch out," thus enacting "Plan B"
"Man you know what you gotta do... Plan b man..."
"Yeah... you gotta fuckin KNOCK THE BITCH OUT!"
by troy619 February 26, 2008
When plan A doesn't work out and you just give up. Plan B is you just do nothing.
Amanda: Hey VK, are we still going tonight or is it plan B?

Veronica: Plan B, I don't feel like it... i drank too much last night.
by Amanda Michelle May 16, 2008
Anal sex. The alternate entrance, esp. when the female is on her period.
Jenny was on the rag, so we went with Plan B.
by Marty Choad June 08, 2005
When you just can't get her to sleep with you...
Man if things don't go right, i am totally going to plan B...rape
by bobblah May 19, 2009

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