To get rid of kids
Hey I just fucked some guys with no condom now I need Plan B
by slutslut11 April 27, 2010
when you move too quickly from 69 to reverse cowgirl and Jaquizz inside of her.
I totally plan b'd her last night!
by bloodhoundUI September 30, 2010
A group that consists of only Mike Fantasia, Mike Lombardi and Brian Dumont. No one else will ever be welcomed into the group. The group is all about lookin fresh and gettin bitches. All three of them have matching chains. They wear them all the time along with their ill shades that are better than yours. You know they got fresh kicks on no matter where they are. It's a lifestyle. Plan B is better than you.
Plan B son la que.
by DumontThaDon August 14, 2011
To ejaculate inside a vagina without protection.
I got plan b'd last night, so I've gotta go to the pharmacy after Sunday school.
by NIGHTMOOSE January 29, 2011
A sexually oriented prank where you have sex on someone's pillow, and ejaculate on the other side. So, when the victim lays on their pillow, and it smells a bit like sex, they instictively turn it over, and lay their head on the other side, or Plan B.
Dave, my roommate, ate all the food in the apartment, so I gave him the old "Plan B".
by Dirty 'lil bastard March 26, 2009
When things go down you get your gun, And pray for forgiveness....
Sigh, its time for Plan B: Commence operation Killrape!!!!!

kill rape time for plan
by newyorkfretbarholocost September 08, 2010
Just give 'er.
To go all out, give 150%
"What are we doing this weekend?"
"Goin to Plan B!"
by Jon T November 03, 2005

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