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goodbye, or 'see ya'
'alright, i gotta go' 'ok, pizzy!'
by dingo March 03, 2005
A word derived from Vibank, SK, Canada. Another word used for getting laid. It can be used for boys or girls.
"Guess what happened this weekend, I got pizzies!"

"Lucas got pizzies last night!"

"Did I just get pizzies?"
by likeaboss1994 December 22, 2011
A pound, usually refering to an ammount of marijuana.
Yo, I need to cop a pizzy, you wanna go for a creep?
by Joey I April 26, 2006
the ultimate in cool, doesnt get any cool, cooler then fo shizzle
that pizzy sho is fiiiine
by anna February 10, 2004
cuckoo like Robin; acting crazy, insane, and/or psycho.
Girl 1: Did you see that girl sliding in the snow in shorts?
Girl 2: Yeah, she was totally pizzy.
by littlesisnaka@msn.com September 10, 2007
Either a pound of piff.
or meaning safe

commonly used by the english rap group piff gang

shout out to @milkavelli

PG - t
we that pizzy.

Stay pizzy.
by PG88 February 19, 2014
(n.) a variation of the word "Pizza"
Man, I had some delish pizzy today.
by Tien February 06, 2005
pure meth
You got any of that pizzy?
by dakota bongwater February 07, 2004