A female that is so grotesque it is questionable of its gender, even the voice of such a monstrosity will force one to gag. upon sight of such a filth pile one is forced to scream at the top of there lungs as instinct to warn others that Satan's Penis is walking the earth
Man 1.) OH GOD! is that Pizzeria over there?

Man 2.) Yeah

Man 1.) AAAAHHHHH!!!!

Man 2.) AAAAHHHHH!!!!
by ДRCHIMEDE§ March 29, 2010
Top Definition
It's a place to get pizza for people who are incompetent of making their own.
Kid: Dad, can we have pizza tonight for dinner?
Dad: We'll have to order from the pizzeria.
by Neva McNelly October 21, 2012
Watery shit as a result of eating at a bad Italian restaurant.
I'm never eating at Gudio's again; I got the worst case of pizzeria.
by T DePuy September 30, 2005
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