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A large American Pizza restaurant chain offering pizzas and other dishes.

In America apparently suffers from poor quality service. European branches on the other hand, have an upscale feel and excellent food.

In some European countries such as Poland, the Pizza Hut name has an upmarket quality, used to elate prices and decorate the restaurants in a fairly lavish fashion.
European: I went to America and loved it! But Pizza Hut was appalling.
by SirTristan January 09, 2011
a pizza restaurant that sucks in every city except for fort wayne, indiana, where the man who owns them lives. never eat there unless you're in fort wayne.
Boy 1: Want to go to Pizza Hut?
Boy 2: Not unless we're going to the Fort.
by kabammmx3 August 21, 2008
The reason why their food tastes like ass is because they're owned by the same corporation that owns Taco Bell and KFC.
Always remember to THOROUGHLY microwave any food you buy from Pizza Hut before you eat it.
by yuck July 25, 2003
Gourmet pizza. ^.^ All under one roof.
"Pizza Hut is the best pizza you'll find. Domino's Pizza is good too, but Pizza Hut is just so much more delicious. ^o^ "
by Dave September 13, 2004
A Pizza restaurant that also delivers. Serves excellent pizza, but nothing out of the ordinary.
Can I have a Meat Fest Stuffed Crust, please?
by Comrade Dmitri March 06, 2004
decent restaurant...

...well, i work in Pizza hut, and i wouldnt eat there........

i actually dont think its as bad as every one says, but if the kitchens were in veiw we wud have to sort out some of the practises
i enjoyed that meal i just ate at pizza hut, but the kitchen staff dont seem to clean.....
by LPUK January 20, 2004
the sexiitime; sex;
i want pizza hut *goes in room w/ Aaron* =]
pizza hut pizza hut pizza hut. haha
I <3 pizza hut
by PizzaSlut February 06, 2007