the big greese-ball in the sky
Luigi went to the pizza hut after the mob tasted his pizza.
by Eric August 26, 2003
I went over there last week, and while I was ordering my food, I saw one of the drivers leave the restroom and wash his hands IN THE DISHWATER, even though the sink was right next to the bathroom door. God, that was disgusting! Makes you want to think twice, or thrice, before ordering out, because the utensils used to cut the pizzas may have also been washed in that same water.
Or maybe I was just unfortunate enough to go to a Pizza Hut restaurant which didn't have a wall that blocks the customer's view of the back of the store, but still, that worker should have known better.
by sarcastic January 26, 2004
Pizza Hut are a complete load of bollocks. All the toppings are out of date & the stuffed crusts are discusting! such a tight fisted bunch of wankers 2. 1 small pizza only costs them £2 very maximum to make but they sell them for £5. The work force have to survive on massive doses of cannabis every night to forget how pathetic and meaningless their shitty job is. I should know, i'm one of the fools who works there!
If they don't sell a stuffed crust by the end of the night they take the pieces of cheese out and re-use it for the next god knows how long. Pizza Hut are part of the evil American capitalist bastards intent on ruining this planet for their own financial gain.
by George Chase September 24, 2005
I have a coworker who has bronchitis. Is that contagious?
Also, if you have a cut on your hands, is it still okay to make food as long as it isn't bleeding?
I'm not a Pizza Hut health inspector, so I don't know.
by Jason December 08, 2003

A hut made of pizza ingredients.
Dates back to before earth.
First pizza hut built by jesus christ.
"Mommy, why are we the only ones withour a pizza hut?"
"Because hunny, we are too poor."
by Amanda Lewis June 12, 2006
Pizza Hut is the best chain pizza store, and is #1 in the industry. They have a knack for doing away with the best types of pizza they have (the sicilain, the Chicago dish). I used to work there.
One time while working at pizza hut I watched a coworker bleed into the pizza sauce.
by nikthenyetminder February 21, 2005
The most disgusting pizza on earth. The sauce is flavorless (if there's actually any at all). All that can be tasted is the funny-tasting cheese. The bread is drenched in grease. Quite frankly, the pizza rather expensive for the crappy taste.
Guy that eats anything: I ordered delivery.
Dude: What is it?
Guy that eats anything: Pizza Hut.
Dude: Blech, gross.
by frosm March 10, 2006
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