drug dealer; ass on a slow night; person responsible for any problems during the ordering party's day, or for that matter, life.
If that mofacky pizza boy doesn'g get here soon I'm a break his sweet, delicious knees
by SCM May 24, 2003
Top Definition
A pizza boy is generally the outcast in the group. Onlookers wonder what said person is doing interacting with a group of people who are obviously cooler than the pizza boy, and conclude that the only possible explanation is that said person must be delivering a pizza. An insult.
As taken from the "Mad Real World" skit on Chappelle's Show (Chad)
...John shows up at a party...
Steve: "Hey, who ordered the pizza; The pizza boy is here!"
by Nate Waxxxer August 13, 2007
This is a person who's face is coverd in nasty zits and other unknown objects.
Ryan R: Dude, you are a pizza boy.
Jon H: wow, that is mean.
by roettger May 23, 2006
Another word for Italian, Wop, Greaseball.
Nick is a motherfucking Pizza Boy!
by Genki October 17, 2004
The boy you uncontrollably want to have a sex-only relationship with.
Rampa: Check out that boy shopping for toothpaste. What a hottie!!
Rumpa: You should make him your pizza boy.
by the Little Kid June 05, 2006
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