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An Italian person who is also a Jew.
My best friend is from Italy but practices the Jewish faith. How fucked up.
by Dan January 31, 2005
A bleeding blue waffle which has pus leaking from over sized boils which smells like garlic.
Have you met the blue waffles ugly cousin Pizza bagel?
by SHENZILLA December 07, 2010
A bagel covered in tomato sauce, cheese and what ever else you can think of and is toasted.
Can be eaten at any time of the day
The combination of a pizza and a bagel.
For our jewish friends.
Pizza in the morning.
Pizza in the evening.
Pizza at suppertime.
When pizzas on a bagel you can eat pizza anytime.

Mom go to shoppers and get some pizza bagels!
by ThePants00 February 13, 2006
A Man or woman who is 1/2 Jewish- 1/2 Italian.
"That pizza bagel boy is so hot! I want to do him now!".
by 00087u483 December 28, 2005
A dynamic duo comprised of two people, one from an Italian background, the other from a Jewish backgroud. Together the two form a combination that is simply put, brilliant!
"Hey look, there's Jewish Bagel, or Italian Bagel, I don't know what you call yourselves." "I think you mean Pizza Bagel."
by B. Agel May 15, 2007
A combination of both an Italian and a Jew. When combined, the two equal one word, BRILLIANT!
Pizza Bagel Brilliant!
by pbb April 29, 2007
A jewish guy or gal who either loves Italian food or only dates people who are Italian
"dude" you are such a pizza bagel
by Big Libb January 18, 2008