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tits that are so flat and floppy that you have to hold them like a slice of pizza
When she took off her bra, I had to use a pizza stone to suck her pizza tits.
by URM November 21, 2006
52 23
When a girl has that nasty acne all over her cleavage
"That bitch has such bad pizzatits it made me wanna throw the fuck up"
by john fucking bazley February 19, 2010
12 2
large saggy breasts that hang in a triangualar shape that resemble a plastic grocery bag filled with liquid
you remember that girl I left with last night with the huge rack, turns out when she took off her bra she had pizza tits
by newfiecarlos June 26, 2007
16 21
Tits that have big giant pepperoni nipples
guy 1:"Man, look at the size of those nipples!"
guy 2:"Damn, those are totally pizza tits!"
by Sarah Lambert March 04, 2008
10 17