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A theory applied to sex that uses pizza as the example.
There is good pizza, bad pizza, and great pizza. Any of these are better than no pizza at all. The same goes with sex.
Guy 1: How was it?

Guy 2: You know the pizza theory.
#sex #pizza #food #telling #hump
by Goingreen April 24, 2009
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When some one states that they prefer one thing but leave it open that they do not necessarily dislike another of the same subject.
Fred: "I don't know about you guys, but I prefer vag!"

Tim: "I love that you said prefer. Like, I 'prefer' pepperoni pizza, but I'll have other kinds"


Jake: "That girl will never like me. She says she is in to smart asians"

David: "Just think of the pizza theory"

Jake: "What do you mean?"

David: "Just because she wants Pepperoni doesn't mean she will not enjoy a Hawaiian"
#pizza #hypothesis #doctrine #conjecture #assumption
by Stragic1 November 28, 2010
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