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Pants related to pizza.
1) Pants worn while enjoying pizza. Old trousers, or in a stain-hiding color or pattern.

2) Pants one is relegated to wearing because you have pizza butt ,aka fat pants.

3) Pants in which one has experienced a pizza-related GI event, aka squirts

4) Theoretical pants made from pizza. Not a real thing, don't be stupid.
1) "Got my pizza pants on, let's go to Luce."

2) "Can't wait until spring when I can get some exercise, lose some weight, and ditch the pizza pants."

3) "I had to take the bus home early, and change outta my nasty pizza pants. I am never going to Pizza Hut again."

4) "Seagulls attacked me in the parking lot. Teaches me for wearing pizza pants."
#pizza butt #pants #pizza #diarrhea #fat pants #seagull #stain
by nedjr December 04, 2011
8 Words related to Pizza Pants
culinary mishap involving a massive fumble of freshly prepared food.
"dude, I pulled a total pizza pants with this plate of spaghetti"
by Q September 28, 2003
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