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A hut made of pizza ingredients.
Dates back to before earth.
First pizza hut built by jesus christ.
"Mommy, why are we the only ones withour a pizza hut?"
"Because hunny, we are too poor."
by Amanda Lewis June 12, 2006
56 45
You'll never know what we put in the pasta sauce (heh heh). And we always use expired products in our pizza, and we don't wash our hands before making your food. And we are proud followers of the 3-Second Rule.
Get a free tapeworm or E-coli strain with each pizza, courtesy of Pizza Hut.
by employee July 16, 2003
909 510
Some Pizza Huts maybe be disgusting but the one at Cattlemen where I worked at has fresh products and we dont serve food thats been on the floor. We throw away dough thats been older than 10 hours in the freezer. Dough is made fresh everyday at Cattlemen Pizza Hut. That's the only Pizza Hut I can trust since I worked there for a year and got to Shift Manager EZ. But quit because it was college time.
Cattlemen Pizza Hut is teh owntz0r.
by P huNgy November 18, 2003
365 171
want to eat:
food thats been on the floor?
out of date salad?
pasta with dead beetles in?
pure grease?

then come to pizza hut!
"shit i dropped this pizza, oh well, theyll never know..."
by another employee ;o) July 19, 2003
296 156
Their food isn't that bad. Most of the time.
Forty minutes after placing my Pizza Hut order, I got my pizza undercooked, and cold, and with the wrong toppings.
by AYB July 28, 2003
189 94
Also known as "Pizza Butt". Excessively greasy pizza with crap tasting sauce. Disgusting cold. Sausage topping known to cause explosive diarrhea.
Dude, whats that brown liquid dripping from your shorts? Oh, that's just my anal leakage from eating Pizza Hut.
by shyster November 20, 2003
191 122
the big greese-ball in the sky
Luigi went to the pizza hut after the mob tasted his pizza.
by Eric August 26, 2003
109 72
I went over there last week, and while I was ordering my food, I saw one of the drivers leave the restroom and wash his hands IN THE DISHWATER, even though the sink was right next to the bathroom door. God, that was disgusting! Makes you want to think twice, or thrice, before ordering out, because the utensils used to cut the pizzas may have also been washed in that same water.
Or maybe I was just unfortunate enough to go to a Pizza Hut restaurant which didn't have a wall that blocks the customer's view of the back of the store, but still, that worker should have known better.
by sarcastic January 26, 2004
107 73