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a simple dinner request could turn into either a friendly getogether with the family or a violent attack of epic porportions. beware that boomerang pizzas are not all the same... they all are made differently with all of their, as yu can call it, "unique powers".

beware: for if they fall in the wrong hands they may be deadly.
example if it gets in the the wrong hands:

"WOAH MAN!? howd you get that scar on your forehead?"
"its a battle scar..."
"oh... like army? marines..? what happened?"
"family night...4 years ago... turned deadly...that sauce...those images...*gasp* i never saw it coming.."
"wat was coming?!"
"..the...the...p..PIZZA BOOMERANG!!!"

example if its in the right hands:

"hey wanna toss that pizza over here?"
"not THIS pizza *SHAMWOW* i got my handy dandy
"yes. now dance."
by thebabyeatingdingo March 28, 2010
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