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A female who is super sweet, beautiful in all respects and oblivious to the above two facts. She is usually tall and can stay in shape even after eating a litre of Nutella. She borrows calculators but buys her friends back scrubbers and dinners in return. A Piyali may not be an outdoorsy person but she is willing to give anything a try even if it means falling on her face. Her happiness is derived from making others happy and this is a human trait only found in 0.000001% of the population. SHE'S THE WORLD'S GREATEST DAUGHTER/FRIEND/SISTER/GIRLFRIEND/WIFE/EX-WIFE/GRANDMOTHER/PORTRAIT.
Person 1: Oh, Piyali. (sigh of longing)
Person 2: Dat ass
by JoLoh13 April 20, 2013