to be ultimately beaten by an over-achieving player/team throughout the course of a basketball game...this includes unbelievable plays that aren't normally made with the confines of a normal game due to lack of ability relative to the opposing team
Wow...what an amazing bank from 3-point land...if this defense isn't careful they are gonna get Pittsnogled
by Brian March 31, 2005
To be confused by the opponents ability.
I thought I could beat him but, he really PITTSNOGLED me.
by Casey Bowie April 01, 2005
To be left dazed and confused. See also disheveled, befuddled
The Mountaineers' performance left Texas Tech and Louisville feeling pittsnogled.
by Popeer March 31, 2005
to be humilated by a three point shot, especially by a 6'11 goofy white center.
Louisville was Pittsnogled when West Virginia hit 15 three-pointers.
by A. Beilein April 07, 2005
tall, slow, trashy tattooed martinsburg country boy raining three's on your more athletic nationally ranked squad over and over as your center is unable to defend to step-back screen pull-up j
chris taft and pitt got pittsnogled twice this year
when WVU center Kevin Pittsnogle is getting oral and he "ejaculates" all over the giver's face
WVU center Kevin Pittsnogle "you been pittsnogled bitch!"
by gj April 19, 2005
When a basketball team full of over-achievers nearly pulls off a huge upset over their higher rated opponents. The pittsnogle is very rare, and often times fails due to the general lesser quality of the underdog.
"West Virginia almost pittsnogled the Cardinals last night!"
by Louisville Slugger March 28, 2005

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