to be ultimately beaten by an over-achieving player/team throughout the course of a basketball game...this includes unbelievable plays that aren't normally made with the confines of a normal game due to lack of ability relative to the opposing team
Wow...what an amazing bank from 3-point land...if this defense isn't careful they are gonna get Pittsnogled
by Brian March 31, 2005
Top Definition
(verb). To be repeatedly beaten by the three point shot.
West Virginia nearly Pittsnogled their way into the Final Four, but then lost in OT to Louisville.
by Nelly of Greendale March 26, 2005
What happens when WVU center Kevin Pittsnogle hits three pointer in your face, leaving you confused and astonished.
In the first half last night UL was left pittsnogled.
by ryan March 27, 2005
(verb). To be served by a particularly unlikely or underestimated foe.
Hey, I heard your girlfriend hooked up with that guy who runs the Dungeons and Dragons club. Man, you just got Pittsnogled.
by Constantin Popa March 30, 2005
v. To be made a fool of by a tall white guy. Can occur when shooting three point shots or jump hooks.
WVU just pittsnogled Wake Forest in Double OT.
by Nick from Mo-town March 30, 2005
(v) To be assulted with a 3-point shot by Martinsburg's finest, a white 6'11", tattoo sport'n, chest-beat'n Tarzan man/student athlete.
You know a team has been Pittsnogled when Morgantown is ablaze and my Saturn is overcooked.
by WVU Engineering Sport Fans April 08, 2005
(adjective) To be left dazed and confused by the surprise employment of a heretofore unknown factor pittsnogle. See also disheveled, befuddled.
The Mountaineers left Texas Tech and Louisville pittsnogled.
by Popeer April 01, 2005
(verb) Pitts-nog-eld. To be totally disturbed after an opponent, that doesn't seem to have the ability or athletic look to knock in a long range trifecta, nails one in your eye; To be left in a state of paralysis after a goofy or stupid looking player drains a bomb from downtown.
"The fat white kid with the busted Jordan's stepped back and Pittsnogled you."
by Preecester Neecester April 29, 2005
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