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Banging a random chick at a local establishment after hours and dropping a couple grand on her to take care of the problem.
I was at a restaraunt eating dinner and a random chick asked for my autograph. I told her she'd get her autograph right after I Pitino her bitch ass.
by tdub61 August 15, 2009
Having sex with someone in a restaurant after-hours, getting her knocked up and paying for the abortion.
Remember that skank waitress? She wanted my money for her baby, so I pulled a Pitino on her and drove her to Planned Parenthood with a couple of G's in her pocket.
by Big C in D August 12, 2009
Someone who turns their back on a good thing. Also someone who switches sides in a rivalry.
The pitino turned his back on the good things he did in lexington and sided with the enemy in louisville.
by Gilbert Narley January 22, 2007