(Mexico) Adj. poor, shitty, low class or quality. Used mostly to refer to small towns with lack of good public infrastructure or cultural development.
I don't want to stop in Matehuala, that's a pitero town.
by guichoflo May 12, 2011
Top Definition
(Mexico) A person who tries exaggeratedly to demonstrate that he/she is really good at something, but when sometimes the reality is that he/she is not at all.
- ¿Ves a ese tipo vestido como cholo ?
- Sí, anda de pitero.

- Do you see that cholo dressed boy?
- Yes, he's a pitero.


-¡Yo sé hacer eso!
-No es cierto, tu hermano me lo dijo. No andes de pitero.


-I know how to do that!
-Not true, your brother told me! Don't be a pitero.
by Kratos A. September 06, 2011

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