A swift pimp slap followed up by a hard bitch slap XD
Dude... I totally pitch slapped her ass
by Tongue Wiggle Man April 01, 2009
Top Definition
v. 1. The act of slapping someone with the momentum of your leg. Similar to pitching a baseball
Pimp: My bottom bitch is actin up again, and my bitchslaps just don't do it anymore.

Dealer: You should do pitch slaps instead, They get the job done.
by lonelybillionaire July 11, 2010
An act which checks and ultimately shames an individual that sings off-key.
"Choir practice today was horrid! The director pitch-slapped some soprano because she went flat. "
"I'm about to pitch-slap Amber. She just cannot sing like Beyoncé, no matter how much she thinks she can!"
by Amanuensis May 12, 2015
When public radio and TV announcers get particularly irritated with a lack of donations. originally coined by Click and Clack, March 2007, on NPR's CarTalk.
In the final minutes of the fund drive, the radio announcer pitch slapped the audience for a lack of donations.
by mandy-louise April 01, 2007
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