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To pitch a bitch means to throw a fit, or a have a hell of a good time, to raise hell,etc..
It's my birthday and I'm goin pitch a bitch! or She pitched a bitch when she caught him cheating!
by Susan November 18, 2003
To throw a fit or whine about something, especially about something insignificant.
Man, my girlfriend is gonna pitch a bitch when she finds out I have to work late!
by Vegetardian April 05, 2010
1- When someone is throwing a temper tantrum.
2- A person that has a hard time controlling their anger.
(1) Why is Amy "pitching-a-bitch"? She caught her husband cheating with a man.
(2)Amy will always "pitch-a-bitch" when she gets mad or angry.
by Lee'RoyMeatback December 14, 2015
another way of saying someone is going to loose control and throw a fucking hissy fit
Mildred pitched a bitch when she saw how "far" we had to walk to get to the car when we picked her pathetic fat ass up from the airport even though none of us wanted her to come visit us. We only wanted Jason to come visit us. We are glad that Mildred is no longer a part of our lives cuz she is the biggest fucking bitch any of us have ever met in our entire existences. She likes to start fights between either herself and relatives or relatives and other relatives, therefore alientating everyone around her. For more information about this bitch Mildred, please look up Mildred.
by Princess Bitch August 10, 2004
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